Kundalini Yoga

The ‘Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga focuses

The ‘Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga focuses on increasing the awareness of the self, so that one can achieve their maximum potential. Awakening the highest consciousness of the human being, this style aims at unifying the universal consciousness to the individual consciousness as seamlessly as possible. A part of the Teacher Training course, Kundalini yoga has been preached by experts for many years. Helping certified yoga teachers and practitioners to attain their true potential, Kundalini yoga encompasses Ashtanga yoga into a more precise and refined manner. Mantra chanting forms an integral part along with regulating the flow of breath and meditation techniques.

At Atri Yoga Center, a unique set of certified teachers have been specially allotted for the performance of this particular art form. These teachers have attained the professed benefits of Kundalini yoga and preach the same on an individual level to every student in a group. This secret form of yoga, which was earlier verbally passed on as a legacy from master to student or father to son, is now becoming a widely accepted form.

Kundalini yoga is listed under Raj Yoga, a prominent form of yogic science. Mostly opted for by householders, it focuses on unearthing the Paravati (Female) energy lying dormant in each individual and making it meet with Shiva (male) energy situated at the crown of the head. Recognizing, refining and expanding one’s awareness and energy centre, it eliminates all inner dualities, connecting the practitioner to the higher realms easily.

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Schedule of Kundalini Yoga

A part of the Teacher Training program at Atri Yoga Center, Kundalini yoga is practiced in 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs as well. As it is the most systemized approach, it is first taught theoretically in yoga philosophy classes and later, when the certified teacher is convinced about the understanding of the group, it is taken up practically.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Through a regular practice of the kriyas and meditation stated in Kundalini yoga, one can reap many extended benefits. For mental relaxation to physical activity, one also feels a profound connection with the inner self and to the supreme power as well. Here is a list of benefits:

Being one of the most celebrated Yoga forms of the modern day world, it is also one of the most accepted forms of yoga. Join Atri Yoga Center to learn the intricate ways of the inner workings of the mind and feel the change manifesting within you.

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