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In olden days these Asanas were practiced monasteries and so the people were strong and healthy and had long life. In school and colleges these Asanas are introduced now days. The postures are as many in numbers as there are numbers of species of living creatures in this Universe (84 lacs of body, there are 84 lacs asanas describe by lord shiva. Among them 84 are best and among these 84.32 have been found very useful for mankind.

There are some which can be practiced while standing, sitting, lying down, inverted etc.Generally after age of ten or twelve these asanas can be practiced. People of twenty or thirty year of age perform all asarana nicely. Practice for month or two will render all rigid tendons, muscles and bones very elasticl.Even old age can practice all asanas, they can give up head stand if they are not physically fit. There are persons of advance age who practice head stand also.

In India there are the monks who fallow the non dualistic philosophy, they afraid to do asanas(postures) and pranayams(breathing practice) on the ground that the practice will intensify goddess and militate against his practice of non attachment. Though the two paths hatha yoga and non dualistic are entirely deferent yet a non dualistic can harmoniously combine postures and breathing to his best advantage. We have seen many non dualistic sickly conditions with very poor physique and dilapidated constitutions. They can very hardly any non dualistic practice. The body is closely related to the mind. A weak sickly body means a weak mind also. a non dualistic do a little practice of asana and pranayama to keep up his body and mind strong and healthy, he can do his best practice of meditation to reach the supper conscious state. If these two product (postures & breathing) breaks down, you will not reach the goal of self enlightenment.

 The Great Advantage of Practicing Savasan (Corpse pose)

This is an asana for relaxation of all muscles, nerves; etc.this asana should be performed at the very end of yoga practice. It is the last pose. During practice do not fall in sleep. Fallow the guidance of teacher or just continue focus on the breath for 15 minutes. You will enjoy perfect peace, ease, comfort and relaxation. Every one of you should enjoy it.The relaxation posse combines pose and meditation. It gives rest not only for the body but also the mind and soul. It gives relief, comfort and ease. Relaxation is a very important factor in muscular exercises. In Plow pose ,shoulder stand pose, posterior pose etc.You know pretty well that all the muscles of the back,latissimus dorsi,psoas magnus,Quadratus lumborum,Rectus, abdominis,Pectoralis  major of the chest,Biceps,Triceps, the deltoid of the arm, Sartorius of the thighs, are all stretched and contracted to an enormous degree. During intense muscular activity, the metabolism is increased, Metabolism is the anabolic and catabolic changes that take place in the body (wear and tear in the system) anabolic changes are constructive and catabolic changes are the destructive ones. During metabolism all the muscular tissues are supplied with fresh oxygenated blood or plasma through capillary oozing and carbon dioxide is taken back through the veins to the right auricle of the heart. This is termed tissue – respiration. Just as interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place in the lungs, so also interchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place in the tissues also. Mark the wonderful creation and working of the internal mechanism of the body. How marvelous is the machinery! Can a scientist make a single atom, a single cell, a single organ of the body? Bow with folded hands before the creator of this wonderful mechanism of the body. The Muscles that are put under severe strain demand relaxation and rest. It is corpse pose that promptly and efficiently ensures complete relaxation and perfect ease. Please visit here to read more. www.atriyogacenter.com

  The preparation for practicing advance postures

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The Yoga philosophy unmistakably recognizes the inter-dependence of body and mind. It prescribe exercises both for the body and the mind, so that the two might develop themselves in a spirit of co-operation to such a balanced psycho-physiological condition that they should cease to enslave the human soul. Yoga practitioners are convinced that thus freed from the thralldom of body and mind, the soul realize its boundless existence of infinite bliss. While acknowledging the interdependence of body and mind, yoga sutra holds that the influence of the mind on the body is far more powerful than the influence of the body on the mind. Hence mental exercises from the bulk of the yoga practitioners curriculum, although physical exercise have also a definite place in it. Yoga postures are physical exercise. They form the third item of the yogic curriculum. The first and second limbs are mental exercise. They form the first two items. First and second limbs are given precedence in the curriculum, because without their practice, asanas (postures) will not give the desired results completely.


                                          Effective Meditation in night than day

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We learn the meditation and we practice mostly in the day time. Either morning or evening time. The most important and powerful tools we should know for practicing effective and successful meditation, the erect seating pose, deep & fast breathing and strong determination are they basic tools for successful practicing meditation, Lets understand the effects of practicing meditation in Night time, there is no motion in the dark, but there is motion in the day light and the mind has already in its own nature of mobility, so if there is already mobility in the day light and in the mind too but we are trying to stop the mobility of the mind in the day time, its very hard for beginners to meditate in the day time and success, In the practice of mediation we are trying to turn our mind inward and stop the thoughts, So the practice of meditation in the night time is very helpful because first thing there is no motion and its first helpful things to easily  turn the mind inward through practice of meditation in the night time.

Gurus always say that do the self practice of meditation in the “braham muhurt” the early morning before sun rising its best time and easy to experience the meditation more faster than day time, because the mind is very clear less thoughts and energy level is very high so it’s easy to turn the mind inward. Gurus and yogis always practice their own meditation in the night time, where all the people sleeps and spiritual masters do their practice of meditation, so fallow the spiritual rules and get the success in the Meditation. The key of practicing effective meditation is the “fast breathing”. If you would like to read more please visit to our website. www.atriyogacenter.com

The Power of Prana is Miracle for Scientists Now Days

The Breathing exercises  are practice to  purify and strengthen the physical and astral body, as well as calm the mind .After proficiency in the practice of the breathing exercise has been attained, The power of prana could be only well understand and practice by those who is serious practitioner and who have eliminated flesh food,alchohol,drugs,smoking,etc,

In ancient time the people use to know more about the power of prana and they knew how to develop the power through the practice of yogic breathing techniques called pranyama or control the prana (vital enrgy) ,

They were able to use that power to lift up the huge size of rock and put it at pick of the pyramids, now days its looks like as a miracle for scientist that how those people lift up this huge size of rocks without any machines, because at that time there was not developed something to lift up. They don’t know the power of prana (vital energy).


                   The five Steps of practicing successfully meditation

Good environment: a good environment is the important part for practicing successfully meditation, place and time has their own effects in the human mind, the practice of meditation, the best time is the early morning called the “braham muhurt” between 4 to before sun raising because the atmosphere is quite and fresh air and without any noise, mind is so clear and calm without random thought that’s help to practice successfully easily. 

Correct seating pose: the learning correct seating pose is the important part of the meditation, if you know the correct seating pose, you can grow very fast and easily in meditation, the correct seating pose where body is erect that means head neck and trunk must be in one straight line with support of pillow “kusan” under buttocks, the kusan neither should be too high or too low, the learning correct position is the most important part of the meditation.
Correct breathing: The third part of meditation is the correct breathing that is the most important part of meditation; every thing is depend on the breathing in spiritual field, if you know the correct breathing you can grow fast in meditation. The diaphragmatic breathing is the best breathing for meditation, do the fast and diaphragmatic breathing for growing fast in meditation. 

Correct technique: If you are interested to practice meditation, the most important to lean the meditation to a master who is teaching through his own experience and guided by him, he knows very well that which technique is the best for you, there are many technique the only guru is knows according to the age and level of energy of a human body. According to the age guru know that you can practice active meditation or passive meditation.

Improvement: how you know that you are going in the right direction or not in practice of meditation, many people practice meditation long –long tine but there is no any improvement,
If you are practicing meditation and able to feel your breath below to your throat and you feel that your breath is subtle and don’t like to talk more or unnecessary that means your energy has turned upward and your are going to right direction.



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