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I enjoyed and recommend Atri yoga center to anyone who wants to learn authentic integral Hatha yoga in a small group. Both of our yoga teachers Harish and Deepa are Knowledgeable, precise and follow the traditional method of practicing and teaching. I feel very fortunate to choose Atri Yoga Center without much knowledge and research about Hatha yoga prior to my trip. Within a month, I see the improvement of my flexibility, strength, and openness of my joins without consciously making efforts. Some people in the course may not like the services of the Cafe where we had our three meals a day through the course. I honestly cannot Express enough how much I appreciated the opportunity to choose from a menu of wide varieties from pizza to pasta, from Asian stir fries, to Israelis Falafel and Indian Dahls. We also had selection of teas and fresh juices. Our accommodation is conveniently located right at the stairs to the Laxman Jhula Bridge (a main attraction with many cafes, shops and restaurants around both sides of the bridge)and about one minute walk to yoga center and dining Cafe respectively (Noise and convenience don’t usually go hand in hand). The newer rooms are much nicer than the older ones that are dark, old with low ceilings. The roof top is wonderful. Very often there is no hot water in our rooms for shower and we had to confront the hotel personnel to get clean sheets and pillows. I can see that the hotel owner is trying to improve the place by adding beautiful plants and flowers, improving the aesthetic appearances of exteriors, and cleaning the common area multiple times a day. As a whole, Atri Yoga Center provides an excellent value and wonderful experience.

Samson David

I’d prescribe Shiva Yoga Peeth to anybody! I did my 200 hour instructor preparing here and I think I may be returning 2016 to do the 300 hour preparing! The educators are unbelievable, the area is immaculate and the offices are all that you could need them to be! I had an extraordinary gathering schoolmates for the month and I don’t question that this spot has a gathering of earnest and excellent yogis consistently!

Harpreet Michigan

Atri yoga centre is the best yoga center in Dehradun and i have never seen such a perfect yoga classes. The instructors are awesome. If your posture/pose isn’t right, they will gladly help you out. Their tone is always perfect, which is important. You want your instructor to have energy, but not to sound like they are at a concert. The way and criminalization of exercise is easy way of yoga matts offered are old and worn down so I would recommend bringing your own if you can.
Hope this was helpful. Just check it out (:

Stevn Johnson

Yogi Harish Chandra at the Atri yoga focus in Rishikesh Will give you the best direction to offer you some assistance with mastering the Yoga Asanas. He will give you insights of knowledge of the yogic theory and will abandon you with the intelligence of how to define successful classes so that you may show others with certainty while staying consistent with an Ancient Yoga Style! Peace and Love~Simar

Sam Miller

Thanks for the best training of Yoga in Rishikesh… Atri Yoga Center is one of my favourate Yoga center in Rishikesh(india)…Thanks

Deopa 009

Atri Yoga Center is one of the best Yoga Teacher Training in India.


Posted By : Katrina ( katoni@gmail.com )

“I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh under guidance of Yogi Harishchandra at Atriyogacenter, Reshikesh, India. Internationally qualified to instruct in Traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Meditation & philosophy”.


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