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Become a perfect yogi

Become a perfect yogi

The word yoga means union between individual soul and supreme soul. The science that teaches the way of acquiring this occult knowledge is called the yoga shastra.hatha yoga concerns with the physical body and control of breath. Raja yoga deals with mind. Raja yoga and hatha yoga are necessary counterparts of each other. No one can become a perfect yogi without knowledge of the practice of both. Raja yoga begins where properly practice hatha yoga ends.Hatha is considered to be a compound word formed of two syllable “Ha’ and ‘tha’, Ha means the moon and the ‘tha’ means the sun .these corresponds to breath, which flow through the left and right nostrils.hatha yoga teaches the way to unite the sun and the moon, the Prana and Apana (life force energy) through the regulation of breath.

Hatha yoga is conducive to health and longevity. Its practice regulates the action of heart, lungs and brain. Its promotes digestion and circulation of blood.Kidneys, liver and all other internal viscera work efficiently. It removes all sorts of diseases. The base of yoga is the first four limbs of ashtanga yoga,(Yama,Niyama,Asana and pranayama).The wise Rishis of yore had formulated these as aids to spiritual culture and preservation of a high standard of health,vigour and vitality.

Ordinary physical exercise develop the superficial muscles of the body only, one can become a strong man with a beautiful physique. But asanas are intended for the thorough exercise of the internal organs, like, liver, spleen, pancreas, etc .in maintaining health in metabolism and in structure, growth and nutrition of different kinds of cells and tissues of the body.

Who is really want to become a perfect yogi they need of a strong and healthy race of body. Various factors have brought about their degeneration. Regular and judicious practice of these valuable exercises prescribed by our yogis of yore will doubtless pave a long way in regenerating the race and in the production of such a strong and healthy race. 

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