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Join the Hatha yoga classes or practice Hatha yoga in Yoga Teacher Training course Asana is a condition in which the practitioner can be steady and comfortable, both physically and mentally. Following the age old saying, the traditional form of yoga, Hatha yoga was the first one to be spoken of in the Indian scriptures. The yogic practice of Hatha yoga is subtle and easy going in nature. Just as Ashtanga Vinayasa is an integral form of the Yoga Teacher Training, even Hatha yoga lays down the base and opens the body up for other rigorous body postures. It is also required to take up Hatha yoga in a Teacher Training course as laid down by Atri Yoga Center. Preparing the practitioner to become a yoga instructor, Hatha yoga creates a stable foundation required for understanding and exploring the body. Atri Yoga justify is proud to have the best Hatha Yoga Instructors of Rishikesh, which is why it is considered to be the best justify to learn Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh.

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Weeks and 8 Days yoga retreats Programs in Rishikesh

Regular Price USD 640 For 2019/20

Date Place Days Fees Status
04 Jan to 30 Jan. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Feb. to 28 Feb. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Mar. to 30 Mar. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Apr. to 30 Apr Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 May to 30 May. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Jun to 30 Jun. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Closed
01 Jul to 30 Jul. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Aug to 30 Aug. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Sept to 30 Sept. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Oct. to 30 Oct . Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Nov. to 30 Nov. Rishikesh      8 640 USD Open
01 Dec. to 30 Dec. Rishikesh     8 640 USD Open

Yogi scriptures have mentioned 840,000 million asanas that are required to be performed by every human being in order to reach a higher mental and physical realm. The easy practice of Hatha yoga allows us to delve deeper into the yogic world under the guidance of certified teachers and Hatha gurus. Helping us evolve into a fully realized human being, it goes deeper into meditation, yoga-nidra, breathing and opening up the joints and muscles.

The refined practice of Hatha yoga is integrated into a Yoga Teacher Training course by us because it is a support system for all other forms. Being a basic and traditional practice it slowly opens up the muscles, joints and soothes out all the other pain the practitioner is facing. Whether it is a 200 hour, 300 hour or 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training course, each and every level and course requires one to learn the easy positions in order to do the difficult ones. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in one day; Hatha Yoga is the starting step to a complete practice of yoga.

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Hatha Yoga At Atri Yoga Center

As mentioned earlier, Hatha yoga is an important part of the whole Yoga Teacher Training curriculum, and we take it up every day. Early in the morning, the body is slightly stiff and therefore we incorporate Hatha yoga classes in the morning to increase flexibility and movement of the body.

For those who seek to practice it without enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training Course, they can simply register for our daily classes. The classes are conducted every evening, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Benefits of Hatha yoga

The word ‘Ha’ in Hatha means Sun and ‘Ta’ means moon. When we practice Hatha yoga, we harmonize and balance the overall system of our body. It brings a balance between Pingla and Ida nadi and allows all the chakras to function properly. It helps one prepare both physically and mentally for higher possibilities.

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Some of the benefits of Hatha yoga are:

  • Relaxation of mind
  • Opening and strengthening of muscles, joints and nerves
  • Long term effects of yoga
  • Unites the mind, body and soul
  • Helps all systems from nervous to endocrine system to function properly
  • Chakras are balanced

with Atri Yoga center and understand the real art of yoga under the guidance of certified teachers.

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