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The preparation for practicing advance postures

The preparation for practicing advance postures

The Yoga philosophy unmistakably recognizes the inter-dependence of body and mind. It prescribe exercises both for the body and the mind, so that the two might develop themselves in a spirit of co-operation to such a balanced psycho-physiological condition that they should cease to enslave the human soul. Yoga practitioners are convinced that thus freed from the thralldom of body and mind, the soul realize its boundless existence of infinite bliss. While acknowledging the interdependence of body and mind, yoga sutra holds that the influence of the mind on the body is far more powerful than the influence of the body on the mind. Hence mental exercises from the bulk of the yoga practitioners curriculum, although physical exercise have also a definite place in it. Yoga postures are physical exercise. They form the third item of the yogic curriculum. The first and second limbs are mental exercise. They form the first two items. First and second limbs are given precedence in the curriculum, because without their practice, asanas (postures) will not give the desired results completely.

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